Inspired by Stephen King's horror classic "CARRIE" and Creator Leandro Mendez’s life experiences, the Digital Short Film concept "THE REINVENTOR (The Act of Creation)" stems from “REINVENTION OF DISCO”, a brand-new stage show best described as a visual performance art spectacle --- in the style of pop artists like Madonna & Lady Gaga.  Through a slew of big Disco Hits that are Recreated and Reinvented into new techno-house remixes, the show brings the audience into an emotional journey —- a classic story about coming out of nowhere, from humble beginnings, pursuing an ambition (She Works Hard For The Money), working very hard to achieve wealth, power & fame (Hot Stuff) but with a high price to pay (Bad Girls) - Losing Integrity & Losing Oneself.  The lose of oneself leads to self-destruction & self-loathing (I Feel Love) leading to an emotional breakdown — a crash.  The journey continues into desperation and the will to fight back (No More Tears - Enough Is Enough).  The regret - the pain - all to be left behind — to move forward (Macarthur Park) and not look back.  Then the Rise - the empowerment - and the quest to find true happiness (Last Dance).  DANCE has become the source of inspiration and the ability to LIVE LIFE & BE FREE.





As the show creator delved more and researched this bygone, almost magical Disco Era --- he came across news articles about a disc jockey who led an outrageous protest leading thousands of spectators into burning Disco records — a public protest called DISCO DEMOLITION NIGHT that occurred back in 1979 during a baseball game in Chicago, precipitating the death of Disco.  Some scholars and artists have described the event as expressive of racism and homophobia.  


For Leandro, the word DISCO has become a METAPHOR — a symbol and representation of the show creator's life, of the trials and challenges he has faced throughout the years - racism, homophobia and bullying.  RACE RELATIONS.  WOMAN EMPOWERMENT.  RIGHTS EQUALITY REGARDLESS OF GENDER & SEXUAL ORIENTATION.   These 3 key points are represented within the flow of the show through the art of song, dance and visual imagery.


It was proven to be a very tough road ahead for Leandro as he attempted to produce the show on his own while surviving life in Canada.  Financial support was difficult to get and the odds were against him in terms of employment opportunities --- facing discrimination and prejudice with regards to race, being a minority, his sexual orientation, overcoming stereotypes and changing perceptions as a Filipino immigrant.  Overcoming all of these obstacles, Leandro had learned that "reinventing oneself" while staying honest and true has become a major driving force to the inspiration and creation of the show. 


“REINVENTION OF DISCO” represents a rebirth of a dream, a renewed passion - a celebration of true artistry and real talent - an expression of Love, Art & Freedom --- REINVENT YOURSELF!


"CARRIE" - 16 year old caucasian girl, harassed by a young man.  She possesses telekinetic powers - the ability to move objects with the mind.